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SuperFeast’s JING Blend Is Recognized by Optimal Health News as the Best Energy Rejuvenation & Wellness Supplement of 2024


SuperFeast’s JING Blend is awarded the Best Energy Rejuvenation & Wellness Supplement of 2024 by Optimal Health News, a digital publication. SuperFeast stands out for its superior sourcing practices guided by the philosophy of Dì Dào. This approach ensures the procurement of the most potent tonic herbs and mushrooms directly from their original sources.

SuperFeast’s JING Blend product is honored by Optimal Health News, a digital publication, as the Best Energy Rejuvenation & Wellness Supplement for 2024. This acknowledgment underscores SuperFeast’s outstanding contributions to the industry, reinforcing its position as a premier herbal supplement provider. The brand is committed to inspiring individuals to connect with nature and prioritize their health through ancient wisdom.

A recent analysis indicates that the global market value for herbal supplements was $34.5 billion in 2022, with projections estimating it will reach $52.4 billion by 2028. This suggests a compounded annual growth rate of 7.1% between 2023 and 2028. Key factors propelling the market expansion include the growing recognition among consumers of the advantages of herbal supplements, an emphasis on ethical sourcing methods, a rising preference for diets centered around plant-based nutrition, and an increase in health-aware individuals looking for natural substitute solutions.

Positioned for significant growth in this expansive market, SuperFeast’s JING Blend taps into the most revered Jing herbs of the Taoist herbal tradition. This formulation is designed for individuals seeking to restore their body’s vital energy depleted due to prolonged stress, which is typical of the Western way of life. Carefully sourced according to Dì Dào philosophy, SuperFeast’s JING Blend harvests herbs in harmony with their growth cycle, considering the interplay with the atmosphere, bacteria, insects, mycelium, tree networks, and stars.

 The increasing demand for herbal supplements makes SuperFeast’s JING Blend an appealing option for consumers seeking an energy rejuvenation solution. With this accolade and an ever-growing loyal customer base, SuperFeast is positioned to further its mission to improve the health, healing, and happiness of individuals and the planet.

SuperFeast was founded by Mason Taylor, a renowned tonic herbalist. Its JING Blend is available directly to consumers through the website and other online retailers.

SuperFeast’s JING Blend for energy and wellness

 JING Blend’s unique story and special formulation

SuperFeast’s JING Blend features a proprietary blend of the Taoist herbal tradition’s most revered Jing herbs. This iconic blend is specially formulated to aid in revitalizing your core energy, addressing the depletion due to prolonged stress, overindulgence, and the continual drain of vital energy resulting from extended periods in a state of heightened sympathetic nervous system activity. The JING Blend harnesses the power of mycelium, Eucommia bark, goji berry, Cistanche stem, Rehmannia root, and asparagus root to cultivate the foundational energy residing in our kidneys.

In traditional Eastern philosophy, Jing represents the foundational life energy, often conceptualized as the essence that underlies vitality and longevity. This deep reserve of energy, genetically passed down to the next generation, is believed to determine an individual’s life span and vitality. Jing herbs, revered in herbal medicine for their potent qualities, might nourish and replenish this core essence, support the body’s vital functions, and promote overall well-being, thus enhancing an individual’s health and extending their life span.

Mason Taylor’s quest to go beyond the status quo of energy decline and into a state of potentiation led to the creation of JING Blend. Taylor says, “I started SuperFeast so I could access those herbs that would get that Jing primordial essence back into my body so that I could feel that uplifting energy, and I could feel that structure in my bones, strong knees, strong lower back, the ability to heal, reproduce, and libido. When these things are rock solid, you know you’re not leaking Jing, and it’s healthy and nourished.”

In 2021, Taylor started SuperFeast in Sydney and later moved to Byron Bay. The company has since grown into Australia’s leading Dì Dào tonic herbs and medicinal mushrooms supplier. SuperFeast is 100% family-owned and prides itself on being a family business.

SuperFeast’s JING Blend


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