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Dr. Teal’s Sleep Spray vs DELTA BrainLuxury


According to recent studies, sleep issues are on the rise, and the market has responded with a wide array of natural supplements designed to promote quality sleep. We’ll compare two top brands: Dr. Teal’s Sleep Spray and DELTA BrainLuxury so that you can make an informed purchase decision.

It seems these days that getting sufficient sleep is becoming increasingly difficult. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) estimates 70 million Americans suffer from sleep disorders. Many suffer from sleep issues that persist past lifestyle adjustments or simple bedroom changes, turning them to sleep aids. With consumers desperately seeking solutions for sleeplessness, the natural sleep aid market is booming. Read on for the review and comparison of two leading natural sleep aid brands.

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Dr. Teal’s Sleep Spray vs. DELTA BrainLuxury:

Sleep aid effectiveness

Dr. Teal’s Sleep Spray is a leading natural sleep aid, with many claiming it gets them to sleep in 10 minutes or less after hitting the pillow. This vegan and gluten-free spray contains melatonin, a common sleep supplement used by 27.4% of people, according to studies by the Sleep Foundation. Melatonin is a hormone your body naturally produces to help regulate your sleep-wake cycle, known as your circadian rhythm. But over the counter melatonin is not the same as your body’s own melatonin as it usually is in much higher doses.

The spray also contains two natural essential oils: chamomile and lavender. Studies show the chamomile herb may improve sleep quality and reduce anxiety. According to studies, the lavender plant may improve sleep quality, possibly reducing the risk of insomnia. The major problem is that this spray does not disclose the amount of each ingredient in its nutrition facts, which could lead to overuse and the risk of harmful side effects.

DELTA BrainLuxury is a drinkable, gluten-free, and vegan sleep supplement that supports natural sleep. Many people enjoy Dr. Teal’s product because it is a short-term solution, quickly giving them the sleep they desperately need.  However, BrainLuxury created a melatonin-free formula after finding that taking melatonin before bed may disrupt the circadian rhythm in the long term.

As a biochemist, the founder of BrainLuxury crafted a formula that works with your body to make or release more melatonin from the pineal gland to aid in natural sleep processes. This gets you to sleep and promotes long-term change in your overall sleep patterns. The DELTA formula contains L-tryptophan, with low doses of vitamin D and Zinc, to assist in the natural creation of melatonin and serotonin. It also contains magnesium with DHA and EPA-rich oils to extend the initial deep sleep phase. Additionally, DELTA’s formula contains the amino acid glycine to shorten the time it takes to fall asleep.

Although Dr. Teal’s product may be effective at getting you to sleep, DELTA BrainLuxury may not only get you to sleep but may help create a reset button for the natural biochemical pathways that become derailed when a sleep disorder occurs, promoting long-term quality sleep and granting this product the overall advantage.


Dr. Teal’s Sleep Spray vs. DELTA BrainLuxury:

Added ingredients

Even though Dr. Teal’s product claims to be paraben and phthalate free, it still contains concerning added ingredients. The spray contains fragrance, a synthetic scent compound studies show may be hazardous to your health. Dr. Teal’s also contains benzophenone, another scent ingredient proven toxic to animals. Lastly, the spray contains phenoxyethanol, a synthetic preservative studied for its possible toxicity to human cells.

The only ingredients in the DELTA BrainLuxury formula that are not sleep aids are fresh lime juice, fresh lemon juice, and lemon pulp water to help blend all the ingredients in their drinkable formula and provide extra vitamins.

DELTA BrainLuxury’s formula takes a clear advantage, with its healthy, whole-food additives for the health-conscious individual, over Dr. Teal’s Sleep Spray and its possibly harmful additives.

Lemon juice.

Dr. Teal’s Sleep Spray vs. DELTA BrainLuxury:

Application vs. consumption method

Dr. Teal’s Sleep Spray claims that spraying the product onto your bedding or directly on your body will enhance your sleep. Lavender and chamomile are proven effective aromatherapy agents. Studies show that inhaling these ingredients may reduce stress, a common cause of sleep disorders. The problem lies in application on the skin. Lavender, fragrance, and benzophenone may cause skin irritation.

Although inhaling this product may provide sleep benefits, due to the possible side effects of skin contact with the ingredients in this spray, you may want to stick to products with precisely dosed ingredients without the risk of skin irritation. This grants DELTA BrainLuxury the advantage with its transparently dosed, digestible sleep supplement.

Skin rashes.

Dr. Teal’s Sleep Spray vs. DELTA BrainLuxury:


You can purchase a 6oz bottle of Dr. Teal’s Sleep Spray on Amazon for $6.76. A box of 20 servings of DELTA BrainLuxury starts at $156. DELTA’s price comes from the quality ingredients in its fresh, supplement-packed formula. While Dr. Teal’s Sleep Spray is the most cost-effective option, possible interactions could prevent you from getting the most for your money.


Dr. Teal’s Sleep Spray vs. DELTA BrainLuxury:

Final results

It is easy to become debilitated by a sleep disorder, which may cause serious health problems and impact your daily life. An effective, safe sleep aid can quickly become your life preserver in a sea of fatigue and desperation. Although Dr. Teal’s Sleep Spray is a cost-friendly formula that has become popularized for its quick sleep-onset results, its added ingredients, application method, and lack of transparency with ingredient dosages may cause room for concern.

In a head-to-head comparison, DELTA BrainLuxury outperforms Dr. Teal’s Sleep Spray with its clean, transparent ingredients and highly researched formula.  With the right sleep supplement, you may get the sleep you need in the short term while resetting your sleep-wake cycle for even greater, more lasting benefits.

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