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Thorne Deep Sleep Supplement vs DELTA BrainLuxury


Quality rest is essential for physical and mental restoration, hormone regulation, and proper immune function. We’ll compare two leading deep sleep supplement products: Thorne’s deep sleep supplement, Sleep+, and DELTA BrainLuxury, so that you can make an informed purchase decision.

Ah, sleep. Few simple pleasures in life feel as good while providing critical benefits to our minds and bodies. We spend nearly one-third of our lives sleeping, and it is a critical survival function that allows our bodies and brains to reset. Ideally, we should aim for seven to nine hours per night for optimum health and to perform our necessary daily tasks effectively.

During sleep, the brain consolidates memories and increases the flow of cerebrospinal fluid to clear out toxins such as beta-amyloid, a substance responsible for plaque accumulations that form during our waking hours and are associated with many diseases. As a result, a lack of sleep can disrupt essential bodily functions and lead to cognitive impairment, memory problems, mood disturbances, and an increased risk of chronic health conditions like diabetes, obesity, and cardiovascular disease.

There are several different reasons for sleep deprivation — anxiety, sleep apnea, prolonged exposure to blue light from our phones or laptops, or simply having an exceptionally busy week at work. Unfortunately, sleep is often the first casualty in our daily grind. Regardless of the reason, the effects of deprivation can manifest in both visible and hidden functions of the body, and busy individuals are increasingly seeking solutions.

There are several approaches we can take to help improve our sleep, including setting a regular bedtime, limiting screen time before bed, and avoiding food and drink in the evening hours. However, if you’re looking for a deep sleep supplement, this article will compare two of the leading brands – Thorne Deep Sleep + and DELTA BrainLuxury – to help you decide which product best serves your needs.

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Thorne Sleep+ vs DELTA BrainLuxury:

Synthetic melatonin vs precursor tryptophan

Thorne Sleep+ deep sleep supplementis formulated with melatonin, a hormone that our bodies produce to regulate our sleep and wake cycles; our bodies produce more melatonin as natural daylight decreases and less as it increases. However, melatonin in sleep supplements (including Thorne’s) is typically lab-created because the natural variation derived from the pineal gland of animals is subject to viral contamination and is, therefore, less safe.

Although evidence suggests that melatonin supplements may reduce the time needed to fall asleep, research on its impact on sleep quality and sleep duration is inconclusive. Additionally, synthetic melatonin supplements are associated with certain side effects like headaches, nausea, and even daytime drowsiness when taken less than five hours before waking. Less common effects include mild depression, tremors, and irritability.

DELTA BrainLuxury takes a different approach to its deep sleep supplementand is formulated with natural food sources containing the amino acid tryptophan, a precursor to the melatonin our bodies naturally produce. Tryptophan is a compound that our bodies require for normal growth and the production and maintenance of proteins, muscles, enzymes, and neurotransmitters throughout our lives. It is an essential amino acid — our bodies cannot produce it and, therefore, must acquire it from our diet. Besides being a precursor to melatonin, tryptophan is also the sole precursor to the neurotransmitter serotonin. Serotonin facilitates proper digestion and promotes nerve cell communication to support mood and emotional regulation, and it is produced naturally in our intestines and brain.

While both synthetic melatonin and naturally derived tryptophan have been shown to reduce the delayed sleep phase, research on synthetic melatonin’s efficacy in supporting adequate sleep duration and full sleep cycles is inconclusive, and it can sometimes cause problematic side effects. In contrast, naturally derived tryptophan merely supports our body’s own ability to produce the necessary amount of melatonin for a full night of sleep without any side effects. Therefore, for a more natural and dependabledeep sleep supplement, DELTA BrainLuxury is the clear winner.

Melatonin sources.

Thorne Sleep+ vs DELTA BrainLuxury:

Additional ingredients

In addition to synthetic melatonin, Thorne Sleep+ contains added color for appearance and synthetic sweeteners xylitol and Stevia extract for a sweeter taste. In contrast, DELTA BrainLuxury is formulated with only naturally derived compounds from real food, with no added sugar, to restore and support the body and brain’s natural ability to regulate sleep and improve mood and cognition during the day. While both products can help you fall asleep faster, only BrainLuxury’s deep sleep supplement can restore your body’s natural ability to do so without synthetic ingredients. The clear advantage, therefore, is with DELTA BrainLuxury.


Thorne Sleep+ vs DELTA BrainLuxury:

The reviews

If you’re in need of a deep sleep supplement, both Thorne Sleep+ and DELTA BrainLuxuryare great choices. Both supplements are highly rated on their respective websites, with customers reporting that they help them get to sleep faster. However, DELTA BrainLuxury takes a dynamic approach to customer reviews by incorporating them into ongoing testing. The product’s website offers an option to create an account to log individual and ongoing results with the product. It’s worth mentioning that while Thorne Sleep+ has a respectable 3.4 rating on Amazon and many users seem to enjoy its flavor, some reviews mention displeasure with the Thorne Sleep+ dissolvable disc formulation and its potential to become stale.

Overall, the advantage goes to DELTA BrainLuxury for innovative use of customer feedback.

A girl taking supplement.

Thorne Sleep+vs DELTA BrainLuxury:

Final analysis.

Ultimately, both Thorne Sleep+ and DELTA BrainLuxury are solid products that can help you achieve restful sleep. They are both strictly formulated with quality ingredients under careful scrutiny and in accordance with FDA guidelines for dietary supplements, as evidenced by their positive customer track record. However, the important differences between the two products are clear and significant. Thorne Sleep+ may suffice for individuals who are comfortable with synthetic ingredients in their deep sleep supplementand who are primarily interested in maximizing their sleep time. But for those seeking to replenish and enhance their natural sleep cycle and overall wakeful state by utilizing only natural ingredients, DELTA BrainLuxury is the superior product.

Brain structure.



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